House Opens at 8:55pm EST on Wednesday!

Stories belong to ALL OF US. Often theatre ticket prices create economic barriers. By staying tiny & authentic, Rachel & Brendan can provide free theatrical experiences once a week sharing a wide variety of content. The tiny_Community that has grown around this improbable project is a clear demonstration of the MAGIC of theatre. We can’t wait to have you with us.

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While the world shelters-in-place and theaters all over America suspend programming, this husband and wife team transformed a back bedroom closet into a makeshift theater with a string of christmas lights, an IKEA curtain, duck tape & a paint stirrer.  Utilizing the philosophy that theatre only requires actors, text and audience, these professional actors get back to the basics with the help of A-lister playwright pals, writers with projects in development, and students of all ages submitting material for them to read for LIVE audiences via Facebook.  Quirky elements such as “calls” from a remote stage manager to their black cat serving as swing technician add to the appeal.

Stay healthy, stay safe.  Stay home & watch #tiny_Theatre!

The Closet

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3rd Annual HoHoHoliday Play Reading Series