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Imagine professional theatre performed especially for you. Viewed in the comfort of your home with family, friends or peers. And not only do you get to participate and investigate — you get to help legislate (hey, it rhymes) the outcome!

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“My second time using Tiny_Theatre (once for personal and this time for a work event), Rachel & Brendan were extremely organized, working unsocial hours and then integrating some unique things about my team into their storytelling to make the performance that much more engaging. Even with ‘latecomers’ to the session they managed to find a way to bring them in. Recommend these guys wholeheartedly!”

The Hunt for Milo Gatto

Where Did He Go? Help Find Out!

Who Killed Zolan Mize?

Killer Interactive Fun — Join In!

Team Building

More Fun Than Ropes Courses!

“Our private group had a great time solving the mystery! Highly recommended for fantastic and fun team-building!”

“We had a great time and several members of my team commented on how much fun they had. I highly recommend it for work events!”

“Rachel and Brendan hosted a wonderful experience for our team of 25 people. They’re professionals and super passionate!”

“This experience was absolutely brilliant. The acting, story-telling and production was on point and far exceeded our expectations!”

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The Closet

Sci-Fi Summer Shorts Series

Tiny_Wonders One Page Plays


3rd Annual HoHoHoliday Play Reading Series